Why I decided to run

Why run? I always looked at running as an easy exercise. My workout sessions were the usual bodybuilding exercises.

As a challenge, I decided to run a mile. I couldn’t even run 0.20 mile without stopping. This triggered my ego. Why I couldn’t do it? Running should be easy.

Following week, I ran one mile in the morning at 5 am and by the end of the week, I ran 3.1 miles (5K) in 39min.

I was proud of myself until I found that the world record for men’s category is 12:37.35 (around 13min). This spiked my curiosity about what makes it possible.

After running my first 5K, I liked one thing: the mental challenge to push forward. As I’m already addicted to that feeling of pushing the limits I decided I can make new PR’s going forward. This is now part of my routine and I enjoy doing it.

This is how my training looks like now.

Week 1:

Day 1: Ran 1 mile in 11 min 15 sec

Day 2: Ran 1 mile but at an inclined angle in 14 min.

Day 3: Rest with a lot of foam rolling (started using a vibrating foam roller)

Day 4: Ran 1 mile in 10 min 45 sec

Day 5: Ran 1 mile in 10 min 15 sec (This is the first time I ran without stopping in a mile).

Week 2:

Ran one mile for 3 days of the week.



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