Welcome to my personal finance blog! I’m excited that you want to learn more about me. I’m a young professional in ’20s who has debt from an education loan.

My name is Vasanthan Kesavan and I just started working as a software engineer with a graduate degree in 2018 with huge student debt.

I got my Undergraduate degree in India paid by dad (guess I was lucky).

With the aim of making it big, I pursued my education in the USA, took on major loan debt to get a master’s degree in computer science.

My experience of living alone and managing finances in a foreign country gave me a unique perspective on money, life, and the journey.

Working in the capitalist hub of the world (aka., Wall Street), I’m surrounded by numbers. Traders talk millionS to billions as if they are peanuts.

With no money experience and getting thrown into Wall Street, I started learning more so that I can have a basic conversation with my peers. This is why I created this blog, to share what I learn, document my progress towards financial independence and live a smarter life.