You will never know your potential until you push your limits. Pain is part of the process, pain is a key to unlock higher gates. Many don’t know the gates, some knew about it but chose to ignore (like me in my teens).

My first unconscious drive to push my limits was when I decided to leave my comfortable home, family, and friends to a life filled with uncertainty.

“We are landing shortly and the local time outside is 6:30 PM,” said the Captain in charge of aircraft flying from Dubai to Newark. I didn’t feel lonely but excited. I was coming to the land of dreams, to the USA!

Life Principles: Number One

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

-Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche

After my first experience, I started using the principle number one in different parts of my life which I judged to be lacking.

My first conscious effort to push my limit was communicating in a different language to natives. I have taken English exams, read a lot of books but I always had the fear of communicating (my accent was not easily understood). What I did to get over this? I doubled down and applied to the Resident Assistant position for On-Campus residence halls.

I got in! My job was to interact with students living on my floor. I was completely scared and anxious. After every interaction I became better, I was confident, I was sharing my life stories to a group.

If I had chosen to limit myself I would have never gotten over this fear. I had to prove it to myself, I had to push beyond the conscious limit.

One event after another, I applied the principle and it took me to places which I didn’t think to be possible. Still, I apply this principle on new exciting challenges and I don’t see my stopping. After all, it doesn’t kill me.

List of challenges

  1. Leaving comfortable home, family business and great friends. (2016)
  2. Getting over the fear of interacting with people (language difference). (2017)
  3. Do 100 pull-ups in one hour. (2018)
  4. Living beyond the cultural boundary (ask Indian parents about dating). (2018)
  5. Living on my own without dependency on anyone. (December 2018)
  6. Able to get a job without applying for numerous other jobs (job hunting). (February 2019)
  7. Completed a 5K run (May 18, 2019, took me 39min)
    1. I got so surprised that I was able to do it. Now I made it a part of my routine. Check my progress here.

Would you care to challenge yourself?